YiW Team

Youth in Wilderness Outings are led by passionate individuals from all walks of life and each Outing takes on the personalities, strengths, and passions of its leadership team. As program representatives, we strive to...

  • Be compassionate educators, facilitators, and mentors.
  • Be self-aware of our own privileges and biases.
  • Honor and highlight others' voices and unique lived experiences.
  • Be active listeners.
  • Facilitate a welcoming, fun, and inclusive outdoor education experience.
  • Raise awareness about public lands and instill an environmental conservation ethic.
  • Offer knowledge and guiding principles for responsible outdoor recreation.

We are also proud members of the Woodsy Owl Conservation Corps and are excited to impart his conservation messages! woodsyowl



Jacqui Bergner, Program Director

Daniela Cervantes

Daniela Cervantes, Program Manager, Student Leader Initiative

Ethan Atkins

Ethan Atkins, Field Instructor

James Farber

James Farber, Field Instructor

Ruby Diaz

Jahaira "Ruby" Diaz, Field Instructor, Student Leader Initiative

Elise Fleishman

Elise Fleishman, Field Instructor


Nicole Schrad, Field Instructor


JJ Hernandez, Field Instructor


Seth Cohen, Field Instructor

If you would like to learn more about joining our team, please email Program Manager, Jacqui () and 'cc VWA Field Programs Director, Toan ().