Become a YiW Partner

YiW recognizes that successfully executing programming s is a highly collaborative effort and we could not offer our services without the support and hard work of our Community Partners! 

Become a YiW Community Partner:

If you engage with young adults from central California on a weekly or daily basis and understand how valuable immersing them in nature is, you should consider collaborating on an Outing with us! 

Successful YiW Partners get it - they know how lucky we are to live where we live and to have the iconic Big Sur backcountry right in our backyards. Furthermore, YiW Partners yearn to offer their students a new and challenging experience - a chance to get out of their everyday routines and away from all their various screens. With YiW, participants get a critical opporutunity to disconnect from their devices and reconnect with themselves, their peers, and nature. Not to mention, it's also A LOT of fun!

Many YiW Partners also value the YiW experience because it gives them a chance to bond with their students away from their day-to-day settings. Whatever the motivation, let's work together to get your students out into nature.

Click HERE to learn more about the different YiW Outings available or contact Youth in Wilderness Program Manager Daniela Cervantes () to learn more about partnering with YiW and collaborating on Outing! You can review our Partner Memorandum of Understanding to gain a better idea as to the roles and responsibilities between YiW and its Partners!

HUGE THANK YOU to our current Community Parnters!

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (Outdoor Recreation)

California State University, Monterey Bay (Outdoor Recreation)

Carmel Middle School

Community Partnership for Youth (Seaside)

Community Science Workshop (Greenfield)

Digital Nest (Watonsville & Salinas)

Gonzales Youth Council

Migrant Out-of-School Youth Program (Salinas)

MTNS2SEA (Santa Cruz)

Rancho Cielo Youth Campus (Salinas)

US Forest Service - King City Science Camp

Youth NOW (Watsonville)

University of California, Santa Cruz, Educational Opportunity Program