Double Cone Quarterly - Winter Solstice 2001
Window to the Wilderness

Journal of the Ventana Wilderness Alliance

Winter Solstice 2001 -- Volume IV, Number 4

So abundant and novel are the objects of interest in a pure wilderness that... it matters little where you go, or how often to the same place. Wherever you chance to be seems at the moment of all places the best; and you feel that there can be no happiness in this world or in any other for those who may not be happy here.
 John Muir  

What's In This Issue

The Coast Pilot
An Offshore Description of the Big Sur Coast from George Davidson's Coast Pilot of 1889

Sediment Yield Variations in the Northern Santa Lucia Mountains

The Coast Road
A Meditation on the Santa Lucia

Place Names of the Wilderness:
Mount Mars


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From the Editors

Well, another season has rolled around - seems like only yesterday that the Fall Equinox 2001 issue of The Double Cone Quarterly rolled off the presses, and here it is nearly midwinter already. The cold weather raises hopes for a dusting of snow on the bristlecone firs of Cone Peak, the storms roaring in from the Pacific promise green meadows and a riot of wildflowers in Lost Valley come spring, and the inhabitants of the Santa Lucia, from bears and lions to mice and squirrels, hunker down to wait out the rains.

The inhabitants of the palatial penthouse offices of The Double Cone Quarterly here at VWA Towers, however, haven't had time lately to even think of taking it easy: what with the new VWA website to be tweaked and maintained, the madness of the holiday season, and the cries of our wives/girlfriends/children/pets that they never see us any more, it's been all we can do to clear away the drifts of empty caviar tins and Dom Perignon bottles that have somehow accumulated in the Editors' Suite since the last DCQ was put to bed, take a handful of aspirin, and crank out another issue. That's why this time you won't find some of our usual features, like Lost Trails, Map Mania, or the Feature Flower - fact is, we just haven't had the strength for it.

Happily, though, Fortune has smiled on us in the form of some first-rate features, beginning with a truly epoch-making contribution courtesy of the invaluable David Rogers: the Big Sur Coast section of 19th-century scientist George Davidson's Coast Pilot of California, Oregon, and Washington, brought before the public here for the first time since the book's original publication in 1889, along with a wealth of biographical material delineating this great man's myriad contributions to the scientific heritage of California.

So put another log on the fire, make a steaming cup of cocoa and brandy, wrap up in your favorite comforter, and curl up with the Winter Solstice 2001 issue of The Double Cone Quarterly. And remember - if you haven't joined already, a Ventana Wilderness Alliance membership makes an excellent holiday gift for the wilderness lover in your family!

Read on, and enjoy the Season,

The Editors

Snow on the Pine Ridge Trail
photo ©1998 by Phil Williamson

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