Window to the Wilderness

Journal of the Ventana Wilderness Alliance
Winter Solstice 2000 -- Volume III, Number 2

"At the head of the canyon I looked out on a long desired sight, -- the distant highlands of the Sierra Santa Lucia, lying low and blue in the north. For years I had been waiting my chance to get at that little-traveled range, and it had formed, in fact, a main inducement in planning the summerís trip. Now that at last it was coming within striking distance, I gazed at it with special interest, trying to forecast from the dim and tumbled outlines some features of contour, timber, or stream."

J. Smeaton Chase, from California Coast Trails



A Forest is Born

Times Past
Tassajara Road

Following Chase Through The
Northern Santa Lucia
Part One
The Coast to Jolon


Feature Flower

Birds of the Northern
Santa Lucia
Cedar Waxwing

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Following a rather spotty publication schedule for the DCQ this past year, we've managed to turn out one more issue before the new year rambles in. In this issue you'll find the legal documents enabling the original creation of the Forest Reserve, the fascinating story of the Tassajara Road, a must-read reprint from a notable early wanderer of these mountains, as well as lots of other interesting fodder.

So please enjoy this Winter Solstice issue of the Double Cone Quarterly at your leisure and, if you feel so inclined, let us know your thoughts.

Enjoy the Season,

The Editors


Nacimiento River by Jack Ellwanger, © 2000



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