Submission Guidelines

We at the Double Cone Register (formerly the Double Cone Quarterly have watched in amazement as our publication has grown from the humble, thrown-together local-interest e-zine it was way back in the late Twentieth Century into the (slightly more) sophisticated, (moderately) wildly-popular and (still) super-informative and entertaining periodical it is today. Amazement, and gratitude: because we know that this rather ambitious project could never have flown without you, our readers and contributors. So here's to you - and keep those contributions coming!

The purpose of this page is to give you, the contributor, an idea of what we're looking for and some insight into our selection process. Of course, one needn't be a VWA member to contribute to the DCR - anyone who passes this way and has something to contribute that would be of interest to our readership is encouraged (not to say "implored") to do so. It's our thinking, though, that anyone passionate enough about a place to write about it would be a real asset to our organization and we sure hope you'll consider joining us.


  What we're looking for...

Feature Length Articles

Articles about pretty much any subject so long as it relates somehow to the Ventana or Silver Peak Wilderness areas, the northern Santa Lucia Mountains, the Big Sur coast, or areas nearby. In short, it needs to be interesting to the folks that visit this site, which they do because they are interested in this particular geographical area. Length can be as long as you'd like, and some photos or graphics would be a plus but not essential.

Descriptive Prose Pieces

Anything from a paragraph to a page or two describing a place or a special time that you experienced. Again, it'd be great if it were of interest to our fairly narrow audience, but go ahead and send it in and we'll make that call.


This one's necessarily wide open, so let's hear it. Transcribe that heartfelt chicken-scratch from the back of your Cone Peak quad - be it haiku, an heroic backpacking epic in dactylic hexameter, or anything in between - and send it in!

Book, Magazine Article, and News Release Reviews

There are a number of books and articles out that touch, in one way or another, on the subject and place of the northern Santa Lucia range, and more are published every year. A summary with your own spin included would be great to read.

In-depth Flora and Fauna Studies

Are you the world's leading expert on a particular critter or plant? Or maybe just think you are? Well, teach us all about it! If you can include photographs or drawings, that would be very helpful.

Interesting Photographs

If you already have them digitized and can attach them to an email as a .jpg file, great! If not, email a description of the image and we can work it out from there. Historical images are especially encouraged, but anything touching on the Ventana Wilderness or adjacent lands will be given due consideration.

Original Art

Line drawings, sketches, watercolors, photos of your massive oil landscape or monumental sculpture - absolutely anything with a local theme. Again, if you can digitize it somehow and send it along it would be great. If not, we can work it out.

Interesting Tidbits

In this area, just about anything goes as long as it somehow relates to the subject at hand. Things overheard at the trailhead, weird observations on the trail, odd items found -- anything!

Letters to the Editor

Give us your feedback on specific topics appearing in the DCR, or just your general opinions, crticisms, suggestions, praise or abuse. Speak your mind.

...and what we're not

Well, in all honesty, we'd like to see just about anything you might want to send our way. All we can add to this would be to steer away from the full-length trip reports and concentrate on one or two of the highlights that so vividly follow you home.

What we pay

Nada. Nothing. Not a red cent. Unless, of course, you value, as you really ought to, the warm feeling that comes with sharing your own creative product with like-minded folks. You will, of course, retain the copyright to whatever you submit following our one-time publication of it here on the web.

Where to send it

All submissions should be in plain text format (ASCII, .txt) and either attached to or pasted into an email. Send it off to us at, and we'll get back to you in no time. If you have any trouble with the formatting thing or just have questions in general, feel free to drop a line to the same address.

 The last word...

While the Ventana Wilderness Alliance may preside over this website, it really belongs to everyone out there who has it bookmarked. With this in mind, we're trying to attract visitor input in every way we can, with the Double Cone Register probably being the most ambitious. We want it to be a truly collaborative effort, a place where the VWA member, or any person who loves this part of the world, can share the fruits of his or her talent. Please help it to succeed by taking the time to create and submit something. It will be very much appreciated by all.

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