Window to the Wilderness

Journal of the Ventana Wilderness Alliance
Summer Solstice 1999 -- Volume II, Number 2

"All the coast passed this day is very bold; there is a great swell and the land is very high. There are mountains which seem to reach the heavens, and the sea beats on them; sailing along close to land, it appears as though they would fall on the ships."
Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, Portugese-born maritime explorer for the King of Spain,
describing the Northern Santa Lucia as seen from sea in November of 1542.




Some Sayings are Worth
the Price of a Walk
A Review
J. McKellar

Unique and Noteworthy Plants of
the Santa Lucia Mountains
Part Two
Lupinus (Lupines):
Two Endemics and a
Montane Disjunct
David Rogers

Invasive Exotic Plants Series
Sticky Eupatorium
Dave Nelson

A Day's Season
on the Mountain
Meade Fischer

Santa Lucia Flash Flood
Steve Chambers

Times Past
The Grizzly Bear of 1913

Silver Peak
Big Creek

Map Mania
Test Your Topographic Know-How

Lost Trails of the Wilderness
Turner Creek Gap
to Comings Cabin

Lost Camps of the Wilderness
Lower San Antonio Camp

Placenames of the Wilderness
Mount Manuel

Birds of the Northern
Santa Lucia
Acorn Woodpecker

Feature Flower
Santa Lucia Sticky Monkeyflower

The Last Word
Blending Together
a poem, by
Tessa Libby

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Here at the Summer Solstice the days are as long and languid as they're going to get, which of course makes for wonderful backcountry travel. Even as you read this the creeks and rivers of the Ventana are gayly chattering their way over cool boulders, drenched in the sublime shadow-light of summer sun filtered through the verdant overarching boughs of alder and maple. On the ridges a warm breeze wafts up-canyon, rich with the reminiscient aroma of sage, chamise, chapparal. The distant brush-covered hillsides seem to quiver under the heavy load of the solstice sun, while lizards lay out on rocks and the everpresent insects fill the air with a strangely comforting monotonic humm.

This issue of the Double Cone Quarterly holds a delightfully eclectic mix of material. From grizzly bears to flash floods to the brighter side of the adventure pass, you'll find it all here. We hope you enjoy the reading.

Savor the season,

The Editors



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