Summer Solstice 1998 || Volume I, Number 1


Here's the game: both graphics below correspond to actual places somewhere within the Monterey Ranger District of the Los Padres National Forest. The first one is a small piece of one of the various USGS 7.5 ' topographic quads which cover the area. The second, larger, graphic is what is called a digital elevation map (DEM) which is essentially derived from the information on the 7.5' quads, only rendered in 3-D, and corresponds to nearly the entire quad from which it was rendered.

Here's what we ask of you:

When you've got all this figured out, send your findings by email to  Gordon Johnson ,  with the first one to correctly identify all the locations being the big winner. So what's in it for the big winner, you ask? Well, Gordon has generously offered up an item from his own personal library: a brand new copy of the super-informative Wilderness Act Handbook of 1998. This classic handbook is invaluable for the wilderness advocate. It contains a section-by-section explanation of the Wilderness Act, including the law in its entirety, with an analysis of subsequent legislation that has influenced the designation or management of wilderness. Important wilderness management issues are included. The Handbook also contains short milestone references to significant wilderness events through 1998 and a brief description of The Wilderness Society mission and regional structure. As you can see the stakes in this game are high, so pull out all those dog-eared topos of yours and get to work!


OK, got it all figured out? Email your answers to Gordon at  gjohnson@c-zone.net

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