Summer Solstice 1998 || Volume I, Number 1


To the editor:

Great idea! The Double Cone Quarterly is just what the doctor ordered. Just wanted to drop a line and let you know I think it's a terrific idea. I've got a few photos of the summit of South Ventana Cone to pass along. I intend to take more later when all is not covered by clouds, but I have learned to take what I can get. I look forward to "stealing" a few images off the website to add to my collection and test out my new HP printer.
I just want to throw out three cheers for the trail clearing group from RLS High. It's very heart warming to see high school age kids involved in something as constructive as trail maintenance. In an age where we read so much about what is wrong with today's youth, the actions of this group help remind us that there are a LOT of wonderful young people out there. I'd like to lend any moral support I can to this group. As an aging escapee from the Sixties, I do what I can to keep the trails as clear as I can. I have sized up the current project the RLS team is working on, the reclamation of the Black Cone Trail, from the top of South Ventana Cone. These kids have a LOT of heart! While many are awaiting the results of the captive breeding program of the fabled Back Country Ranger, mentioned earlier on the Forumboard, these young adults are out there doing something about the loss of trails in the Ventana. Many of the escapees from the Seventies and Eighties could take a page from this group from RLS. WAY TO GO!

Thom Carson

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