Window to the Wilderness

Journal of the Ventana Wilderness Alliance
Summer Solstice 2001 -- Volume IV, Number 2

"Summer - the real summer of warm, clear, silent days - comes to the Big Sur when the grass-covered hillsides are browned to the sea coast, when berries have ripened in the chaparral, when the forest leaves begin to wither and fall, when the yucca blossoms, when wild ducks arrive from the north, when coyote puppies are weaned and hunting on their own. It does not come overnight, as spring comes with the rains, but slowly as the sun burns away the fog and the sea winds die on the beaches. One feels the tempos lessen, the heat increase. One sees the fog disappear. And then one fine day - it may be August, it may be September - one says to himself, "This feels like summer", and looking about, he knows that it is. But not quite - there is always an overlap, a blending of seasons. After weeks of hot clear days, a misty curtain may move in from the sea, and bring the Big Sur style of summer back again if briefly."
Floyd Schmoe, from The Big Sur - Land of Rare Treasures

What's In This Issue

The Double Altar
on Pine Ridge
A Poem

"The Rocks"
of Reliz Canyon

A Poem

Feature Flower

Following Chase Through The
Northern Santa Lucia
Part Three
Pacific Valley
Castro Canyon

Lost Trails
Old Coast Trail, Part II

Map Mania!


The View from Afar

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From the Editors

In a small way this Summer Solstice issue of the Double Cone Quarterly is a milestone of sorts - it marks the tenth time that we've put one together. Frankly speaking, none of us here in the editorial room on the DCQ floor of the VWA Towers ever really thought that this thing would fly. It just didn't seem like a very lucrative venture, what with our paying our contributors nothing for their work, donating countless hours of our own time compiling, editing, and marking-up, then giving it away for free on the internet -- where's the profit in that? we kept asking ourselves.

Well, the fact is that the Double Cone Quarterly is a labor of love - contributors, editors and webmonkies alike all labor because they love the northern Santa Lucia, and the simple opportunity to share what they feel for, or know about, these wonderful mountains with like-minded folks is recompense plenty for their efforts.

But while the charge to our readers is nothing and will remain that way, we feel that the value they receive is substantial. Where else can one find a periodic publication focused exclusively on the northern Santa Lucia, and with such a solidly eclectic mix of content? If you agree and would like to support the efforts, we'll gladly refer you downstairs to the VWA Membership Department, where your fully tax-deductable dues or donation will not only ensure the continued publication of this quarterly, but will help with the protection of the wildlands of the northern Santa Lucia as well.

Think of the DCQ as eco-shareware: it's free to all for the taking, but those with a conscience and a few extra bucks come month's end can support the cause if they wish. We wish you well, and hope you will.

Enjoy the Season,

The Editors

Saddle Rock Sunset, by Boon Hughey

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Co-Editor, Miscellaneous and Sundry: Boon Hughey

Co-Editor, Maps & Trails: Philip Williamson

Co-Editor, Botany & History: David Rogers

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