The Last Word
Trail Signage of Yore Part 2
by Phil Williamson


R eaders may recall that in the Fall Equinox 2002 issue of the DCQ we ran an article about an old Santa Barbara National Forest trail sign found near the point where the Gamboa Trail intersects the Coast Ridge Trail. Well, in this issue we're happy to be able to share with you another such relic of Ventana history.

In October 2003 a small band of hardy adventurers set out to find the long-abandoned Lost Valley - Higgins Cabin trail. Battered, bruised, and bewildered after hours of brutal bushwhacking, our heroes took a well-deserved rest in a small meadow. Poking around under the trees, one of the party stepped onto a large boulder and felt something shift curiously beneath his feet. Brushing away years of accumulated oak duff revealed the timeworn enameled-steel sign above.

Note the legend "Indians 14M.". This sign was in use before Indians Road was built in the late 1930s, when The Indians was accessible only by Milpitas Road and interior trails.

Those who have read David Rogers' "Brief Land Status History of the Monterey Ranger District" in the Fall Equinox 2002 issue of the DCQ are aware that the Santa Barbara National Forest came into being in Monterey County in 1919, and wasn't renamed the Los Padres National Forest until 1936.