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" As long as there is wilderness, I know there is a larger part of myself that I can always visit..."

Anne Scott-Chambers has lived in Santa Cruz since she was six months old. She received her B. A. in Art at the College of Notre Dame in Belmont, California and teaching credentials from CSU San Jose along with a M. A. in Special Education. She is a freshly-retired high school teacher.

Her artistic endeavors were on hold for many years as a young mom, but sporadic bouts of life drawing, community college art classes and home projects kept her drawing skills alive.

Anne has grown into a love of wilderness and botanical illustration as a result of chasing Steve Chambers over much of the Ventana Wilderness from the early '80s to the present. Her natural history drawings are incorporated into volumes of personal journals which she always carries in her backpack. She has participated in many summer sessions of the UCSC Science Illustration Program and plans to apply in Spring '04 for the formal certification program.

Quality prints on acid-free paper can be purchased directly from the artist. Prices range from $50-$100, depending upon size. Please contact Anne at for more information.

ponderosa_pine.gif Ponderosa Pine Cone

Meadow with Mortarhole Rocks, The Indians
watercolor & colored pencil
fern.gif Western Bracken Fern
colored pencil

Knobcone Pine Cone
pen & ink

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