The Double Cone Quarterly
Window to the Wilderness
Spring Equinox 2001 || Volume IV, Number 1

Map Mania!

Test Your Topographic Know-how

It's been a few quarters since we've offered up a good Map Mania puzzler for everyone to pull their hair out over, so it's about time for another. We can feel our loyal readers getting mentally soft even as we type, so there's no time to lose. Here's the game: below you'll find half a dozen snippets from the various 7.5' USGS topographic quads that cover the northern Santa Lucia, numbered 1 through 6. Each snippet represents a unique and describable place somewhere on the Monterey Ranger District of the Los Padres National Forest. At least a few should jump right out at those who spend their spare time staring at maps, but a couple ought to send even the most seasoned Ventana geographers back to the map drawer.

Here's what we ask of you:

Describe the location of each of the snippets as best you can, using either actual placenames or your best geographic description. When you've got it all straightened out, send your numbered list of answers via email to, with the first one to correctly identify all the locations being the Big Winner. So what's in it for the Big Winner, you query? Well, we just received a few more copies of the Wilderness Handbook, so the winner can expect one of these fine and super-informative booklets in the mailbox shortly after dominating the competition. So pull out all those dog-eared topos of yours and get to work!

Snippet #1
Snippet #2
Snippet #3
Snippet #4
Snippet #5
Snippet #6
OK, think you have it all figured out? Email your answers to us at

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