The Double Cone Quarterly
Window to the Wilderness
Spring Equinox 2000 || Volume III, Number 1

Historical Maps
Researched and compiled by Phil Williamson

The images below are snippets from a variety of 19th-century maps of California showing the Northern Santa Lucia area. The complete maps, along with many others and a wealth of historical images, texts, sound recordings, and films are available online at the Library of Congress' American Memory Digital Library site.

EDITOR'S NOTE Fall 2001:For more historical maps of the Big Sur/Monterey County area, please see the followup to this article in the Fall Equinox 2001 issue of the DCQ.

"A new map of the gold region in California"
Charles Drayton Gibbes, New York, 1851

"Map of California roads for cyclers"
George W. Blum, 1895

"New enlarged scale railroad and county map of California showing every railroad station and post office in the state"
Rand McNally and Company, Chicago, c1883

"Map of California to accompany printed agreement of S. O. Houghton as to the rights of the Southern Pacific R.R. Co. of Cal. to government lands under Acts of Congress passed July 27, 1866 and March 3, 1871 made before the committee of the judiciary of the Senate and Ho. of Reps. in May 1876"
G.W. & C.B. Colton & Co., 1876

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