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THE Double Cone Register


The Double Cone Register (formerly the Double Cone Quarterly), the journal of the Ventana Wilderness Alliance, is published a an occasional paper on an irregular schedule, roughly four issues each year. It is web-based only, costing absolutely nothing in the way of trees to produce, and is free for the reading. We do however, gratefully accept gratuities to offset our modest costs. The content, in large part, is made up of submissions received from visitors to this page such as yourself, and ranges from feature-length articles to haiku. If you happen to have some prose, poetry, artwork, photographs or experience pertaining to the Ventana Wilderness or adjacent wild areas of the northern Santa Lucia mountains and the Big Sur coast that you've been hoping to share with all the interested others, here's your chance. Please send it in.

For more detailed information on how to submit your contribution, as well as to get some general idea of what we're looking for, please take a look at our Submission Guidelines.

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Exploring the Santa Lucia Sierra of California by Joseph Smeaton Chase
First-ever republishing of this little known article, first published in the December 1913 issue of the Overland Monthly.
Classic Maps
Santa Barbara National Forest, Monterey Division, 1924
Book Review
Now Go Home: Wilderness, Belonging, and the Crosscut Saw
Reviewed by Betsy MacGowan
Historic Maps Part IV
Maps from the Land Case Map Collection at U.C. Berkeley
Photos by Mike Splain
The Last Word
In Like a Lion: A Personal Experience Essay by Mike Splain
California Coast Trails by Joseph Smeaton Chase
The first-ever complete web edition of this seminal account of a 1911 horseback journey along the coast of California from Mexico to Oregon. Scanned from the first edition of 1913, including all 16 original photographic plates.
The Coniferae of the Santa Lucia Mountains
Alice Eastwood's 1897 classic essay, edited and introduced by David Rogers.
Historic Photo
Photograph of the Ventana Backcountry c.1915
Historic Maps Part III
Three Spanish maps showing the Central Coast.
More maddening map mayhem!
More great botanical art from Anne Scott-Chambers.
In Like a Lion
by Mike Splain.
Forest Conditions in the Monterey Forest Reserve

By David Rogers.

This issue is dedicated to a transcription of the original 1904 survey that created the Monterey Forest Reserve, ancestor of the Monterey Ranger District of Los Padres National Forest.
Lyme Disease
Everything you need to know about this nasty tick-borne illness. By William H. Johnston, M.D.
The Crash of Albatross 2128
History on the slopes of Mt. Mars, by Boon Hughey.
The return of the DCQ's popular map puzzle feature.
Rockin' out near the Indians, photo by Mike Splain;
Oak leaf litter in Robinson Canyon, photo by Amadeus Guy
Pimkolam Vista
A poem by Mike Splain.
Public Law 107-370
The full text of the Big Sur Wilderness and Conservation Act of 2002.
HR 4750
Sam Farr's bill that led to the The Big Sur Wilderness and Conservation Act of 2002.
Wilderness Additions Overview Map
Overview of the additions to the Ventana and Silver Peak wilderness areas created by the Big Sur Wilderness and Conservation Act of 2002. Full descriptions of the individual additions can be found in the pages below.
Lobbying Washington for Wilderness
Kelsey Jordahl's experiences lobbying lawmakers for wilderness expansion.
Stories from the Show-Me Tours
by Paul Danielson and Meade Fischer.
Cartographic Land Status History of the Monterey Ranger District
Profusely illustrated with historic maps. By David Rogers.
Big Sur Region Earth Sciences Bibliography
Definive bibliography of Big Sur geology. Compiled by geologist Robert Zatkin.
Acorns cached in an oak trunk, photo by Amadeus Guy;
Boon Hughey rockin' out, photo by Phil Williamson
Trail Signage of Yore
Antique trail sign discovered on the slopes of Cone Peak.
Discovering the South Coast Road, Part I
A journey of exploration by Paul Danielson.
Past Times: Ventana Power Company
Less than a century ago the unthinkable was actually undertaken - a project to dam the Big Sur River for hydroelectric power. Article by Boon Hughey.
Map Mania!
Test your cartographic chops with our map puzzler.
Sunset on the Carmel, photo by Amadeus Guy; Indian paintbrush, photo by Mark Riddle.
Importing Pigs to Paradise
George Gordon Moore and his Brazen Wild Boar, by Boon Hughey
Feature Flower: Shooting Stars
Everything you need to know about the genus Dodecatheon. By David Rogers.
Past Times: "Campers Should Think of the Others"
July 1916 article from the Salinas Daily Index.
Lost Trails: Old Coast Trail, Part IV
Maps of he Old Coast Trail from Dolan Rock north of Gamboa Point to Anderson Landing, by way of Slate's Hot Springs.
Map Mania!
Test your cartographic chops with our map puzzler.
Leonids from Pat Spring, photo by Kelsey Jordahl;
Gray Fox Skeleton, photo by Tom Hopkins.
Big Sur: A Poem
Verse and art by Carl Jones.
The Coast Pilot
By David Rogers: the Big Sur Coast section of 19th-century scientist George Davidson's Coast Pilot of California, Oregon, and Washington, published here for the first time since the book's original publication in 1889, along with biographical material delineating Davidson's myriad contributions to the scientific heritage of California.
Sediment Yield Variations in the Northern Santa Lucia Mountains
Geology: "A quasi-technical discussion of variation in sediment yield from watersheds within the northern Santa Lucia Mountains." By Robert Zatkin.
The Coast Road
A meditation on the Santa Lucia by Chris Lorenc.
  Winter in the Paloma Creek Drainage, photo by Amadeus Guy.
From Willow Creek to Cone Peak
The Life of Philip Kinder.
More Historical Maps from the Library of Congress
1853 and 1854 maps of california made for Sec. of War Jefferson Davis, with details showing the Big Sur area, from the LoC's digital collections.
Lost Trails: The Old Coast Trail Part III
Maps of he Old Coast Trail from Redwood Gulch to Cape San Martin
Map Mania!
Test your cartographic chops with our map puzzler.
The Hidden Pool, photo by Phil Williamson.
Carmel River: A Poem
By Lea Wood.
The Double Altar on Pine Ridge
A Wilderness Poem, by Jim Powell.
"The Rocks" of Reliz Canyon
as Described in 1888, Introduced and Edited by David Rogers.
Jets: A Poem
By Art Goodtimes.
Following the Trail of J. Smeaton Chase, Part III
Pacific Valley to Castro Canyon.
Lost Trails: The Old Coast Trail, Part II
Trails and Homesteads from The San Luis Obispo County Line to Redwood Gulch.
A View From Afar
"An Open Letter of 'Homesickness' from Z ".
Rattlesnake on Nacimiento-Fergusson Road, photo by Deborah Chirco-Macdonald;
VWA President Jon Libby, wondering how he's going to dig his way outta this one, photo by Olaf Domis
Jojopan: A Poem
By Art Goodtimes.
Fu Sang: Stories of Our First Arrivals
By Chris Lorenc. "We love myths of our origins. They help to locate us in the world. By telling us who we were, they tell us what we might become."
Early Reports of Black Bears in the Santa Lucia Mountains
Compiled by David Rogers. "As evidenced by the following newspaper articles, it seems that black bears have been attempting to make inroads into the Santa Lucia Mountains for some time."
Lost Trails: Old Coast Trail, Part I
Trails and Homesteads from Rockland Landing to Gamboa Point.
Cone Peak Haiku
Poem and photographs by Mike Splain.
Ventana Sunset, by Phil Williamson;
Pimkolam and Cwalkalam, by David Knight
A Forest is Born by Proclamation
Facsimiles of the original Presidential proclamations creating the public lands of the Northern Santa Lucia.
The First Passenger Wagon to Reach Tassajara
William J. Hill's account of the trip in 1888. Introduced and edited by David Rogers.
Ventana Morning Sky, Double Cone Summit; Ventana Evening Sky, Little Sur River Basin; photos by Boon Hughey.
Steinbeck's "Flight"
A meditation by Jack McKellar.
Historical Maps from the Library of Congress
Details of four 19th-century maps showing the Big Sur area, from the LoC's digital collections.
John Klumpke's "Homestead" on Pine Ridge
History from David Rogers.
Feature Flower: Deerweed
By David Rogers.
Map Mania!
Test your cartographic chops with our map puzzler.
Western Peony, photo by Anne Scott-Chambers;
Salmon Creek Falls, photo by Greenshadow Graphics;
Sunrise over the Silver Peak Wilderness, photo by Mike Splain.
Ventana White
A Climbing Adventure to The Window. by Bill Roberts.
Lucia - An Excerpt
By Chris Lorenc. "a book in progress set primarily in the northern Santa Lucia mountains".
Our Threatened Monterey Pines
By Corky Matthews.
Feynner's Manzanita
An impressive local specimen. By Steve Chambers.
High Places of the Ventana
"Fifteen Places to Climb High in the Ventana". By Thom Carson.
A History of The Caves Ranch
The definitive history of one of the Ventana Wilderness' most fascinating areas. By David Rogers.
Lost Trails: Hot Springs Trail
Coast Ridge Trail to the Coast at Hot Springs Canyon.
In Doolan's Hole: A Poem
By William C. Roberts.
Map Mania!
Test your Topographic Know-how .
Las Ventanas: Original artwork by Anne Scott-Chambers;
Pico Blanco's Sunrise Shadow: photo by Boon Hughey.
Noteworthy Plants of the Santa Lucia: Lupines
"Two Endemics and a Montane Disjunct". By David Rogers.
Invasive Exotic Plants: Sticky Eupatorium
"Yet Another Biological Threat to the Ventana Wilderness". By Dave Nelson.
Flash Flood on Santa Lucia Creek
The Flood of 1995, By Steve Chambers.
The Grizzly Bear of 1913
The death of the Santa Lucia's last grizzly. By David Rogers.
Placenames of the Wilderness: Mount Manuel
With original art by Meade Fischer.
Map Mania!
Test your Topographic Know-how.
Red rock, white oak, blue sky: photo by Boon Hughey;
Steve Wilson at Big Creek: photo by Olaf Domis.
Invasive Plants in the Wilderness: Cape Ivy
"Another Problem Plant for the Ventana Wilderness", by Dave Nelson.
The Tarantula: A Report
Everything you need to know about big furry arachnids, by Tessa Libby.
Three Historic Articles about Junipero Serra Peak
Early newspaper articles about the Santa Lucia's highest peak. Compiled by David Rogers.
Map Mania!
Test your Topographic Know-how.
"George St Clair on belay in The Window, circa 1969. Bill Roberts was leading the pitch while Terry Trotter took the picture";
Pico Blanco, as seen from the redwood saddle high up on the East Molera Trail in Andrew Molera State Park. Photo by Phil Williamson.
An Addendum on the Botanical History of Santa Lucia Fir
with Excerpts from the Notes and Letters of Early Collectors. by David Rogers.
Sovranes Spring Renewal
El Niño Aftermath, by John Courtney.
Belle's Story
On the trail with a faithful dog, by Jeffrey Zimmerman.
A Trip to the Hot Springs
1869 Monterey Gazette article relating a trip to what is now Tassajara Hot Springs, with an historical photo. Compiled by David Rogers.
Map Mania!
Test Your Topographic Know-How.
October Sunset from Junipero Serra Peak, photo by Michael Riley.
The Rare Santa Lucia Fir
"Perfect Pattern of Sylvan Perfection on the Symmetrical Plan" - by David Rogers. A seminal article on our rarest tree.
California Coast Trails
A review of J. Smeaton Chase's account of his 1911 horseback journey from Mexico to Oregon along the California Coast. With photos from the book. By Phil Williamson.
A Pico Blanco Solstice
A trip to the Summit of Pico Blanco, by Olaf Domis.
Map Mania!
Test Your Topographic Know-How.
The Wilderness Act of 1964
The Complete Text.
The Boronda Trail
A description by Boon Hughey.
Going After Azevedo
A Walk Around Pico Blanco inspired by Robinson Jeffers, by Boon Hughey and John Courtney.
Pre-Attack Sign Graffiti
Backcountry folk literature, collected by Boon Hughey.
Map Mania!
Test your topographic know-how.