A Window to the Wild
Journal of the Ventana Wilderness Area
Fall Equinox 1998 -- Volume 1, Number 2



Perfect Pattern of Sylvan Perfection
on the Symmetrical Plan;
The Rare Santa Lucia Fir
David Rogers

California Coast Trails
J. Smeaton Chase

A Review by
Phil Williamson

A Pico Blanco Solstice
Olaf Domis

Map Mania
Test Your Topographic Know-How

Lost Trails of the Ventana
Second in a Series
Gordon Johnson

Placenames of the Wilderness
Second in a Series
Dutra Flats
Boon Hughey

Feature Flower
Leopard Lily

Odds and Ends
Confessions of a Peak Bagger

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Once again the season changes, but what a wonderful summer it was in the Ventana Wilderness. Thanks to El Niņo and his late rains the water levels stayed high in all the creeks and rivers, wildfires were kept at bay, and, as expected, the bugs and brush had a banner year. But we're turning the corner into fall now, with the nights growing cooler and the shadows longer, and, as soon as we receive a welcome frost or two, the bugs being put to bed until spring. October and November are excellent months for backcountry rambling around here, and we hope that this Fall Equinox issue of the DCQ will provide the necesary inspiration to get our readers out on the trail to enjoy it.

David Rogers has graced us with an expert study of the rare and endemic Santa Lucia Fir. We've all admired them, usually in the high country, and likely been intrigued by their graceful spire-like stature. Now everything one could possibly want to know about this quintessentially local tree is right here for the reading. And while speaking of the high country, Olaf Domis clicked some sterling photographs while spending a Summer Solstice night on the summit of Pico Blanco, which are presented in this issue along with his narrative of the magical and memorable experience. Also, Phil Williamson rounds things out with an excellent review of one of the all-time classics of local backcountry travel: J. Smeaton Chase's California Coast Trails. If you've not yet read this wonderful work, Phil's description is sure to set you to rifling the shelves of the local booksellers trying to find a copy.

And, as always, you'll find here new installments of the now-familiar Map Mania puzzle, Lost Trails of the Ventana Wilderness, Placenames of the Wilderness, and the first of a new series call Feature Flower. All this and a little altitude-inspired poetry from Thom Carson will hopefully hold everyone over until the Solstice.

Be Well,

The Editors



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