Double Cone Quarterly
Fall Equinox 2003-- Volume VI, Number 2

Pimkolam Vista
A Poem by Mike Splain

Church Creek by way of Tassajara
Spotting the divide from Pimkolam
and the high pass separating Lost Valley Creek
from the Arroyo Seco proper
If the river drains quickly without
another round of showers
Terra Incognita, Higgins Canyon and beyond
awaits the intrepid footprints
that dare to surmount this chaparral ridge line
From here you'd never imagine
the lush green coastal groves
that thrive in every pocket flat enough to harbor a bird-shat seedling
Sequoia sempervirens
Lithocarpus densiflorus
Quercus agrifolia
Evaporated misty mountain afternoon basking
once radiating in brilliant sunshine
Marine inversion layer rises to look down upon them
enveloped, swallowed whole.

©2003 by Mike Splain