The Double Cone Quarterly - Fall Equinox 2003

Journal of the Ventana Wilderness Alliance
Fall Equinox 2003 -- Volume VI, Number 2

"The world's in a bad way, my man,
And bound to get worse before it mends;
Better lie up in the mountains here
Four or five centuries,
While the stars go over the lonely ocean,"
Said the old father of wild pigs,
Plowing the fallow on Mal Paso Mountain.

-- Robinson Jeffers
from "The Stars Go Over The Lonely Ocean", 1941


B a c k   I s s u e s

Finally the crackling heat of the backcountry and somber cold fog of the precipitous shoreside canyons and ridges are ready to hang it up for the year - summer is over and autumn is upon us. The shadows are growing longer, the light has eased its intensity, and the early morning air is once again crisp and bracing. Every year it happens, yet every year it feels as if something new and welcome is taking place; respite from the endless sunwashed days of summer has come.

Many of the saltier Ventana old-timers consider autumn to be the absolute best time of year for backcountry travel. One good frost and the vexing bugs are gone, the preponderance of hominids have gone back to the 'burbs, the marginal springs start flowing again, the poison oak turns beautiful colors, and the air takes on a crispness and clarity that words cannot describe. After enjoying this Fall Equinox issue of the Double Cone Quarterly, by all means get yourselves out there and move through the amazingly beautiful landscape that we're all so fortunate to have at our doorsteps. Now is the best time.

And while you're out there keep your creative head on and your mind open to ideas for stories, poems, artwork, limericks, letters to the editor or whatever else you'd like to share with kindred souls by way of the DCQ. We need content contributions from you, the folks who love the land, in order to keep the presses running.

- The Editors

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