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Fall 2010


After a four year hiatus, a new edition of the Double Cone Register has finally made it to press. As we enjoy another fall season of hiking in the Ventana, we can read the astonishing collections of historical articles, anecdotes, maps, and poetry assembled by David Rogers. This issue includes three historical features, each focused on a different period of time, and a botanical feature that also includes a wealth of historical material.

Tony and his Trail covers the story of Tony Dourond. Dourond was the construction superintendent for the final, difficult phase of the private road construction project that brought Tassajara Road all the way down to Tassajara Hot Springs. After completion of Tassajara Road in September, 1888, Tony stayed on as manager of the resort for three years. Although Tony left Tassajara for several years, during which he tried homesteading and other pursuits, he returned to Tassajara in 1897. It was during the rainy season of 1898-1899 (when he had lots of free time on his hands) that Tony is thought to have built most of “Tony’s Trail,” leading from Tassajara Creek to Willow Creek. This is the trail that many of us know and love as the steep, hot up-and-down over the ridge that always seems a lot more difficult on a hot day. As is the case today, fires and floods sometimes reach epic size and are remembered for many years. David Rogers has done a superb job of recreating for us the time before there was any National Forest. We are able to reflect on what it must have been like, over 100 years ago (on July 14, 1899), to be escorted over the Tony Trail by Tony Dourond himself.

Also included in this issue of the Double Cone Register are two Forest Service publications, a 1915 “Handbook for Campers” and a 1939 “Map and Brochure,” which both offer fascinating windows into history of the Monterey Ranger District.

Rounding out this issue is an article on Mimulus cardinalis (Scarlet Monkey Flower), which includes many full page chromolithographic plates that were published in the 1830s and 1940s, and an account of David Douglas’s expedition to California in the early 1830s.

When you, like Tony Dourond and the Forest Service professionals or recreational enthusiasts who came after him, have a chance to go out to the mountains, remember those who hiked here before you. With this issue of the Double Cone Register you can imagine yourself in those times, and read about the problems and issues of the day. Enjoy the superb reporting by David Rogers on this sampling of four different historical times.


The Double Cone Register (formerly the Double Cone Quarterly) is published at irregular intervals by the Ventana Wilderness Alliance and can be perused free of charge by all who steer their browsers to the DCR Issue Index at

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