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ArroyoSeco-Indans Road to Hanging Valley

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ArroyoSeco-Indans Road to Hanging Valley

Postby jack_glendening on Fri Apr 15, 2022 2:50 pm

I backpacked to Hanging Valley this week from Arroyo Seco Rec Area.

The northern end ArroyoSeco-Indians road to Hanging Valley is generally in excellent condition, the previous tread-eroding damage on the climb a short distance above Marble Peak Trail trailhead having been repaired. The exception is new erosion undercutting the road at the northern end of Hanging Valley (36.17126,-121.49460) - a place lacking, for whatever reason, a culvert. Currently much of the bed is still intact - see photos.

I did not look for water at Jackhammer Spring due to access difficulty. At Wild Orchard Spring water was dripping and someone has kindly placed a VERY large basin (est. over 8 liters) to catch the drips - it was full. The waterfall at Hanging Valley Spring was flowing nicely but the former pool has been filled by black sooty particles eroded from the burnt surfaces upstream, leaving just a narrow streambed there.

Hanging Valley and surroundings covered in burnt fire-hardened brush - not too bad for off-trail when below waist height, but in places head height or above making off-trail travel difficult.

Was interested to note that I saw no other boot tracks in the sandy spots at Hanging Valley, only multiple bike tracks. There was no signs of recent use at Hanging Valley Camp, no ashes in the firering.

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