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Advice on where to park - Cone Peak trip

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Re: Advice on where to park - Cone Peak trip

Postby geoffvirtue on Mon Jan 31, 2022 12:44 pm

I've been parking on the side of the 1 at the trailhead for years. I believe you can leave a car for up to 72 hours with no issues. Did that change recently? I was just up there a few months ago and had no issues.

Be really careful if you are doing the cone peak loop. The tread is not good on the backside of cone peak, especially coming down into Goat. If you do not have an accurate GPX you are going to lose the trail and get stuck out there.

Hiking up from Vicente Flat is fine, though be prepared for crawling over and under some trees. Last water you will find on the way up is coming up out of the creeks near Vicente, so make sure you plan accordingly unless you go down the backside to trail spring camp which is very rough trail right now. I haven't been back since the winter storms hit but I was worried a lot of the tread was going to wash out even further after what we saw back there post Dolan fire last year.
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Re: Advice on where to park - Cone Peak trip

Postby rbeaudoin on Sun Jan 23, 2022 7:17 pm

There are 2 first come, first serve campsites at Kirk Creek for the car camp. For backpackers/bikers at Kirk Creek there is also a campground You have to park outside Kirk Creek on Hwy One and walk in and check in with the camp host, $5.00 fee. They are located on the north end of campsite below the highway, near the Eucalyptus Grove if you come in late and don't want to wake the host, you could just probably walk in and crash... ... 0&actid=29

Re: Advice on where to park - Cone Peak trip

Postby gfelsman on Fri Jan 21, 2022 4:57 pm

If you are parking at the Kirk Creek/Vicente Flat Trailhead, there should be no problem. If you are planning to sleep in your car, that is a whole another issue as that is not allowed. There is a pull out right at the trailhead. Hide or take any valuables with you. Folks Park their extra vehicles from the campground here all the time.
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Advice on where to park - Cone Peak trip

Postby arw225 on Fri Jan 21, 2022 4:13 pm

Hello there! I'm planning a backpacking trip to Cone Peak via Vicente Flats in April and have been unable to book a coveted campsite at Kirk Creek, where I was hoping to leave our car. I read that overnight parking on the 101 is no longer allowed and the ticket for doing so is $5,000!

What are the other options for parking while hiking this overnight trip? I know it's a little easier to get a campsite at Plaskett Creek SP but then how do you get the 5 miles to the trailhead with all your gear? Walking that on the 101 seems dangerous...

Should I just take my chances on getting one of the first come, first served campsites at Kirk Creek? Does anyone have experience in how early you need to arrive to win one of these?

Thank you for any and all advice!

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