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Villa Creek loop

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Re: Villa Creek loop

Postby VWA_Ranger on Thu Apr 22, 2021 3:48 pm

The roads maybe be ok but they are closed to the general public and with the winter rains of January 2021, non one we no of has assesed their conditions. They are most likely hikeable. The Trail from Villa Creek to Alder Camp was fixed a couple years ago. But may be brushy now. PO will be present once you get past Alder Creek for about a mile. Again we nor anyone else we know of has been there to give us a good report. The Cruickshank Trail is definitely passable bottom to top. Last report indicated it was in fair to good shape.

Hope this helps. If you do go post a trip report.
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Villa Creek loop

Postby Jpulley on Thu Apr 22, 2021 3:03 pm

Hello! I was curious if anyone has been to Alder Creek camp in the last few years. I am wanting to do a backpacking loop using the Cruikshank TH, Buckeye Trail, forest roads (my main point of consideration for this potential trip), SCRR, and Cruikshank TH eastern end back to origin. I am curious on the status of what appears to be a multitude of forest roads in the area, knowing one road is the main access and thus the correct way. However, the other roads on maps indicate a quicker means of going from Alder Creek camp to SCRR which would be preferable, however I want to gauge knowledge of the region and any advice! Thank you very much.
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