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Backpacking gear left in Miller Canyon

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Re: Backpacking gear left in Miller Canyon

Postby jdoelman on Mon May 09, 2022 8:59 am

Another entertaining story of woe has been written in the miller canyon trail conditions page, many thanks to the author for a well written account.
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Re: Backpacking gear left in Miller Canyon

Postby Steve B on Wed May 06, 2015 8:41 am

April 2 three Volunteer Wilderness Rangers hiked to Miller Canyon Camp to retrieve the gear however we were unable to locate it. After speaking with Harry we learned that the gear is not at a campsite and is off the trail, possibly across the creek from Clover Basin Camp toward Miller Camp.
If anyone finds the gear and you don’t feel like bringing it out please note the location, with GPS if possible, and advise the Forest Service 831-385-5434 or the VWA office 831-423-3191.
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Backpacking gear left in Miller Canyon

Postby hkreiden on Tue May 05, 2015 11:12 am


I’m not sure where to post this. Please feel free to repost this, where appropriate, if necessary. I was backpacking on the Miller Canyon Trail from China Camp in early April. I took a very bad fall onto a rock and fractured 4 ribs. I managed to hike back to China Camp but had to leave practically all of my backpacking gear behind. I made my camp about halfway between the Clover and Miller Canyon Camps near the NE bank of Miller Creek. If anyone recovers my gear, I would very much like to have it back. There is a sky blue colored hammock there that should be fairly easy to spot. The folks at the Monterey Ranger District know about my gear. I notified them right away so that they wouldn’t think they had a missing hiker to search for. Thanks very much. Harry Kreidenweis
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