State Parks Closure Planned

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Re: State Parks Closure Planned

Post by AdamT »

Thats exactly what I'm thinking gfelsman. They get a budget each year and if they don't spend every dime then the next year it gets cut. This leads to wasteful spending. The community of Big Sur pushed very hard for a bridge to be put in place for the summer so the local buisnesses would not suffer from loss of tourism. Now with no state parks open, they will all suffer a huge loss.
As for Jerry Lee you need to shut your loud mouth and have some respect for others. Most of the employees are hired for the summer and come from other states. They have to learn a lot about an area they have never been to in a short time. I think they do there best given the situation. They come to work in Big Sur so they can hike and enjoy the outdoors. I talked with them about Betsy M's encounter, and there was a reason she got the answer she diserved.
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Re: State Parks Closure Planned

Post by gfelsman »

I understand the concern. Closing the State Parks makes no sense when it comes to money flowing into the State coffers. There is a large economy built around tourism they always seem to forget. By closing parks and putting people out of business and work not only decreases revenue into the State but now taxes the state, federal and local services even more, thus increasing our debt even further.

If they really took the time to study the issue they probably could come up with something else instead of the knee jerk reaction that has been proposed.

Wasteful spending is one, rewarding employees for creativity and doing a good job in a cost effective way and work through the use it or lose it mentallity are just a few suggestions I would make. If we can get one job done less expensivley, then the extra funds could be used for another project or service. Unforutunately, that is not the way government works at present.
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Re: State Parks Closure Planned

Post by doug L »

Your outcry is music to my ears.
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Re: State Parks Closure Planned

Post by Jerry Lee »

It's obvious this is the typical government response when voters vote "incorrectly". They must be punished in ways that actual taxpayers will notice. In this case, closure of so many state parks, even the ones that generate revenue, is not intended to save the state money. The resulting public outcry is only music to their demented ears.

As for the minimum wage drones dispensing "information" at Fort Big Sur, they could easily be replaced by a kiosk. They seem to be specially screened to make sure none of them has ever stepped off pavement in his/her life, and they have only memorized by rote a few answers to repond to any question posed to them. The days of talking to actual USFS rangers who had just come in off the trails ended in the 1980's when the old Big Sur Station was demolished.
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Re: State Parks Closure Planned

Post by mikesplain »

I imagine Betsy was trying to see what the folks at Big Sur Station were telling the general public.

Re: State Parks Closure Planned

Post by AdamT »

Why did you go to the BIg Sur station and ask a question if you already knew the answer? The station is important and they help thousands of lost tourist every year. Anyway, you know if they close the park the rangers will still have jobs because they will have to keep people out. So now there is no income and we will still be paying taxes to keep us out of our parks. You can't just put a fince around Andrew Molera park? Or Morro Strand Beach? How much would that cost? A friend from parks told me Pfeiffer State Park took in $8000 just in day use over the holiday weekend. Thats not even counting the campsites. We all live in California to enjoy the outdoors, don't let our dumb governer do this to us.
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Re: State Parks Closure Planned

Post by Duane »

Petition signed, letter sent.

I personalized mine, expressing concern over illegal activities once the parks are closed (no people/park staff around, who wouldn't want to dig up a creekbed and grow a little something?) and the huge cost of cleaning up and repairing a million acres of parkland once they reopen. This is just stupid.

Placing calls to my local (LA area) politicos as well. Hope we can step back from this brink.

This puts the future of a State Park at Tejon Ranch in doubt, too.
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State Parks Closure Planned

Post by Betsy M »

The State has announced a plan to close 80% of the State Parks on July 1. The closure list includes Andrew Molera, Pfeiffer Big Sur, JP Burns, and Garrapata. Apparently this is a cost-cutting measure.

Not sure what the current status of these parks is; when I stopped at the Big Sur Multi Agency Facility on May 9, the two State Parks employees at the desk told me all the trails on the east side of the highway, including the National Forest trails, were closed. They had no idea the Forest (except the Pine Ridge Trail to Sykes) was open for business, and had one stock phrase they had apparently been programmed to repeat when anyone asked about these trails being open, "That's a common misconception." They didn't want to hear anything about other Forest trails being open. So it is hard to see how they could be less helpful to Forest visitors.

I have to say after hiking on trails in the National Forest that have been closed for almost a year, the effect of closure on any trail is significant. Even sections that were in perfect condition before the fire are now overgrown to the point that you cannot find the route.

To sign a petition in support of keeping the State Parks open, and view the closure list, visit the CA State Parks Foundation website:
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