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Re: Lunch

Post by Hillary »

I like to keep my lunches simple yet yummy. Gorp and jerky just doesn't cut it for me. I buy the pouches of tuna (instead of cans) from the grocery and I take single-serve mayo packets and either triscuts or bread or tortilla and make a tuna sandwich. One tuna pouch needs 3-4 mayo pouches. It tastes amazing on the trail and keeps me satisfied. I usually whip up the sandwich in the morning during breakfast and put it back in the bread baggie. But, I've made them trail-side too. Takes just a few minutes. I've also done that with single-serve peanut butter and honey. Or I've done dehydrated hummus and pita bread or tortilla. I'm too hot mid-hike to do soup. One time I did rehydrated rice, pesto, and rehydrated veggies and wrapped them in a tortilla and ate it cold and it was super yummy. It ended up making breakfast drag on so I didn't do it again. But tortilla wrapped anything is yummy. My husband... gotta love him... he brings a big bag of chips - he straps them to the outside of his pack in an old sleeping bag pouch and somehow manages not to smash them into bits. One bag from TJs will last us 3-4 lunches (he eats a lot of them). The round blue corn tortilla chips hold up the best. The salt tastes AMAZING.

Good luck!
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Re: Lunch

Post by BostonMike »

I have a cheap food dehydrator I bought on eBay (Nesco $35). I'm really into lightweight backpacking, so I dehydrate a lot of my food. One great meal is a Kale soup I make. Slice up onions, zuccinni, carrots and squash and place them on the food dehydrator trays. Put the kale on the trays as well, but they dehydrate a lot quicker. Then open a can of black beans and spread them out on a tray. The beans will separate from the outer shell sometimes, but that doesn't affect flavor. Once everything is done I usually keep them in separate baggies and just add them to water when I'm ready to cook them. I'll throw in a vegetable broth cube for some added flavor. I'm a vegetarian, but you could bring along some cured meat like pepperoni and cut it up and heat it up with it. Depending how much water you use, it can be a soup or more like a stew. I'll usually make an extra batch of dehydrated beans and bring along a small bag of tortillas for some mini bean burritos..I also bring pasta along for other meals. Another one of my favorites is Quaker Oats, with bananas that I dehydrate. Add a little cinnamon and it makes a great breakfast or lunch. I always throw a few meal replacement bars in the pack just in case. Another thing I like about the dehydrator is there is no trash except for a few little baggies that I can stash in a small backpack pocket.
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Post by wayne1 »

I am going to go on the extended trail work crew to Doublecone. It will be approximately 6 days. Can someone give me some lunch ideas. I am under the impression most times we will be on the trail during lunch. I have a small thermos so one of my ideas was to make soup in the morning and take it with me. Any and all ideas would be great. Thanks
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