Help with questions for Silver Peak Wilderness trip.

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Re: Help with questions for Silver Peak Wilderness trip.

Post by LBehrmann »

First, did you look at the online trail report for these trails? This area is under trail maintenance, so things will get better and better up there.

1. (Cruickshank trail between Buckeye trail junction and Lion's Den Camp). There was a slide at one part, near the large gulley past Silver Public Camp, but the tread is getting better, the bushes and trees are manageable, but there are some to duck under.

2. Water should be good there. Even when a trickle you can go upstream a bit to collect. Filter or boil.

3. Yes, it is just an old road off the Coast Ridge road down to 3 Peaks. Use the map to find spur road, shpuld be easy. Again check trail reports for 3 Peaks.

4. Don't know

5. Bushes are gnarly.

6. I think you could even still have time to get to Spruce. It will be potentially hot on 3 Peaks trail. Bushes or exposure I guess.

7. There is a trough, with a pipe running into it near camp. Usually ok, but not guaranteed. There is a stream on the way to San Carpoforo that might be flowing. Maybe .5 from Dutra camp. Again, Dutra Camp isn't that far from Spruce Camp via Dutra trail, is it?

Check this web site for distances, links to trail reports, use the Gmap4 map and zoom in:

I've hiked Silver Peak Wilderness a lot. Have fun, stay safe!
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Re: Help with questions for Silver Peak Wilderness trip.

Post by Hillary »

I've done parts of this recently...

1 - I think you are referring to Three Peaks Trail? Trail is fine and mostly clear. Typical spring encroachment but nothing impassable.

2 - Lion Den water is plentiful right now, should still be by May. Water shouldn't be a problem for you.

3 - Three peaks camp isn't hard to find. I've never reached it from the road, only from Three Peaks Trail. Plenty of water.

7 - Dutra has good water. That's a trippy site with a fence around it and one of the tables is pretty messed up. Might have flies by the end of May if it is warm. It isn't my favorite site in those mountains, but good for a layover night. I like Turkey Springs better, but sounds like it isn't on your path of travel.

This sounds like a great trip and you should be fine in May. The trails are very passable but always be on the watch for PO. It is just everywhere. And ticks. Lots of ticks.

Post pictures and a trip report!
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Help with questions for Silver Peak Wilderness trip.

Post by omansiek »

Hello all,

I am looking to get back to the Silver Peak Wilderness in Mid May for the first time in maybe 6 years. The only other time I have hiked here, I did a loop in this order: Salmon Creek Station, Buckeye Camp, Villa Creek Camp, Lion Den Camp, Spruce Creek Camp, out. This time I am planning to do either the same loop or to do this instead: Salmon Creek Station, Buckeye Camp, Lion Den Camp, Three Peaks Camp, Dutra Flat Camp, Spruce Creek Camp, out. I have a couple of questions that I am hoping someone might have info on. One drawback I remember from that trip were the flies at Buckeye Camp and the mosquitos at Lion Den Camp. But Both were really great campsites. I know nothing about Three Peaks Camp and Dutra Flat Camp. Any info would be really great. So here are my specific questions.

1 - Any word on the trail conditions going uphill from the Cruikshank trail between Buckeye Trail and the Coast Ridge Road?

2 - Water at Lion Den Camp... Last time I was at Lion Den Camp there was a mere trickle of water from the spring there. With the solid rain this winter, I was wondering if this situation is good now? Is the water at Lion Den Camp likely to be dependable this May?

3 - I have never been to Three Peaks Camp, how easy is it to find when approaching along the Coast Ridge Road from Lion Den Camp? Is there a trail to Three Peaks Camp along a trail spur right off of the Coast Ridge Road? Or does the trail spur to Three Peaks Camp connect to the Three Peaks Trail instead?

4 - What is the water situation like at Three Peaks Camp?

5 - Last time I was out there years ago, I took the Salmon Creek Trail down from the ridge to Spruce Creek Camp. It was gnarly at times, but also kind of fun as we were headed downhill. Any idea what to expect if I take this trail downhill again this May?

6 - What about taking the Three Peaks Trail down the ridge instead of the Salmon Creek Trail? Would this be a wiser route? This would force an overnight at Dutra Flat.

7 - I have also not ever been to the Dutra Flat Camp. What might I expect the water situation to be like at Dutra Flat Camp in mid May?

Thanks for any help answering any of these questions! I am leading a group of Leave No Trace campers for my 20th trip and am trying to decide whether to return to the Silver Peak Wilderness or head back out to the Southern Sierra and the Kern River instead. I need to decide in the next week or two. Thanks again.

Bill Omansiek
The Thacher School
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