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Re: Vencente

Post by mikesplain »

Hi Jeff-
not sure I completely understand your question,
but am guessing you'd like to bike to the Kirk Creek Trailhead,
then hike the Kirk Creek (aka Vicente Flat) Trail to Vicente Flat Camp?
If so, there are a number of loops now available
along recently restored segments of the Cone Peak network.
One of the finest (IMHO) would be-
Vicente Flat Camp > Vicente Flate Trail > Cone Peak Road > Cone Peak Trail (with a side trip to the summit lookout)
>Gamboa Trail > Stone Ridge Trail > Vicente Flat Camp
This could of course be done in reverse as well.

This loop is almost entirely within Wilderness (foot and equestrian traffic only),
so bikes and other vehicles need to be locked up and left at the trailhead.

Happy Trails!
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Post by Jeff2012 »

Next trip to Sur I hope to go south via cycle to vencente Trail and Camp. I know now that so much work has been done there that there is most likly some good hiking down that- a- way.
What might be the best loop (does anybody have infor) :roll: This time I sure hope that he vehicles are more careful in there driving habits (if thats what they can nicely call them.
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