Future of backpacking clothes

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Carl Mounteer
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Re: Future of backpacking clothes

Post by Carl Mounteer »

The article doesn't say whether or not the fabrics treated with this substance are breathable. If not, it is not much of an improvement over Goretex.

The treatment appears to be highly hydrophobic. But how does it react to oil-based stains or dry stains like dirt or charred wood on the fabric? It would have to be washed. But the article states that this waterproofing "didn't survive an everyday washing machine cycle." This seems to make it completely impractical.
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Re: Future of backpacking clothes

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Not sure I agree that there will be any benefit to backpacking. The problem has never been keeping dry, but rather keeping dry while at the same time allowing sweat to evaporate. The lightness of the fabric might be helpful, but it would still need to be designed with vents - which haven't really worked well in the past.

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