Article: Mexican marijuana cartels sully US forests, parks

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Re: Article: Mexican marijuana cartels sully US forests, parks

Post by Greg »

I often wonder if some day when I am hiking alone I might stumble onto a large plantation by mistake? I know over on the Islands that could mean finding out if there is life after death. Not long ago a guy near here was found dead near a large plantation. The cops said it was a fall that killed him and he just happened to land in 90 million worth of pot in the LPNF. That was just one 90M place. I don't care if people want to smoke weed, in fact I think that is their right, but I don't think people have the right to grow it on public lands..that is using my tax money to make money at my/natives plants and animals risk. The whole thing taints the purity of the wilderness because it is not native and not so funny.
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Re: Article: Mexican marijuana cartels sully US forests, parks

Post by dknapp1 »

It is possible that no one writes about it here because these forums are for the Ventana Wilderness, not Humboldt County.

To see for yourself about who is growing in our area, I suggest you check out this post, and join the cleanup in late October.
One might reasonably determine that since some of the pesticides found are available in Mexico, but not the US, that the users of this pesticide did in fact come from Mexico. ... &t=74#p211

Also, the High Sierra Trail crew has had cleanups near the Oakhurst area, which might not be too far to travel and see if the same kind of people are growing in both places.

Personally, I don't care if the growers are citizens or not, but when they poison the wilderness, someone has to clean it up.

I suggest that everyone join the cleanup effort and see for themselves.


Yes on prop 5

Post by paul »

The article is misleading. It gives the impression all of the pot farms are from mexican cartels, that dark skinned other from who doesn't belong. What is the precentage of the farms found have been connected to mexican cartels?

make growing legal. Buy product from local farmers. Grow it yourself. Don't get paraniod every time you see a mexican on the trail.

In my opinion pot laws keep hundreds of thousands of people employed. Some of them are living tax free to fill a vibrant demand for a product we can all grow. The honest truth about outdoor grown pot in california is most is grown by whites in northern Ca. Why does no one ever write about this here?
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