FHL Fiasco

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Re: FHL Fiasco

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Ecowarrior: You'll be waiting a long time for "the day that FHL is decommissioned." FHL is very useful and very inexpensive to maintain. Gordon Sullivan, CSA, once replied during congressional hearings something to the effect the Navy trains on water - water is free. The Air Force trains in the air - the air is free. The Army trains on the land - land costs money and we've given up too much already. He's right.

The area benefits from FHL. 70 years of good management have made it an exceptional part of the area. The Army does not have to allow public access, but it does and should based on the mission - there's no good reason not too. The complaints about folks manning access points are valid. Those upset should seek some methodology of interagency communication about these issues for the benefit of the public passing through. I would write to the commander of FHL and the agency head of USFS with these experiences and CC congressional representatives. Good communication by these agencies for the benefit of the traveling public is not asking too much at all.
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Re: FHL Fiasco

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A few years ago there was a slide on N-F road a bit above the bridge. I was west bound and had to go over the mountain to get home on the coast. The west gatekeeper said I couldn't pass because the road was closed (because of the slide). This would have meant I would have had to drive back through KC, Salinas, Carmel and down One to get home. Finally he said if I was just going to Ponderosa or Nacimiento camp I could pass because they were before the closure. Heck sure, I was just going camping!

Moral: 1. Don't always say you're going straight through.

2. Not all the guards are weenies.
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Re: FHL Fiasco

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This is indeed unfortunate;
it seems that FHL gatekeepers have some imagined "authority" over USFS lands,
despite the fact that said lands are entirely out of their jursidiction.
It was really none of the guy's business where you were going-
perhaps the lesson here is to always tell them
"just passing through, sir."

I had a similar run-in just after 9/11/01
in which an overzealous & somewhat crazed gatekeeper
(flanked by 2 privates sporting M-16s)
refused to let us pass through the base en route to Cone Peak.
"You won't be driving through here for YEARS!" she cackled
as we turned around toward highway 46.
Incidentally, had no trouble driving through the very next day.

I look longingly to the day that FHL is decommissioned,
once and for all...

FHL Fiasco

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I was there on Thursday early morning and had to pass thru Fort Hunter Liggett to get to Prewitt ridge. The West gate keeper at FHL does not know anything about the National Forest being open South of NF road. Because he found out I was heading into National Forest, he would not let me pass thru and told me to drive back home. After a heated discussion, I asked for him to verify again with the proper authorities. He called someone on the phone and that person also said the entire national forest is still closed. I wasn't going to turn back after 10 hrs of driving so I asked him who holds authority over the open/close of national forest. His response "Bureau of Land Managemant," and I was like WHAT? BLM does not own the Los Padres National Forest. He would not budge and stand firm on his decision. I told him the guy at the East gate let me thru knowing that I was heading to national forest South of NF road and that he should call the guy there to confirm. His reponse was, "I'm FHL Police, that guy at the other gate is just a guard." This time I told him I was going to pass thru instead of hiking Prewitt. He would not let me thru. I was pissed and turned back to King City and waited til LPNF open at 8AM. I called the Monterey office and they didn't pick up so I call the head quarter in Goleta, CA. Someone there picked up and I let them have it. They told me to wait but after 10 mins waiting, they hung up. I called the Monterey office again. This time someone picks up and told them about the ill gate keeper at FHL. I requested that she called them immediately and informed them about the open area. On my way back I was going to let the FHL Police guy have it but he was done with his shift.

Officer Reno, you need to be on top of info. You have every little knowledge about the area you are protecting. I am disappointed with the service and the lack of communication amongst the organization involved. C'mon, the place has been open for almost a week and I get this type of BS. Imagine if this was life/death situation and we have to rely on these guys and their intel. What a joke.
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