Apple Tree Camp

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Re: Apple Tree Camp

Post by AdamW88 »

In May the water was flowing pretty impressively for that time of year. But, it is likely there is no water flowing directly at Apple Tree Camp this time of year. However, try checking about 50 feet just down the creek of the camp where there is a groundwater seep.

If not, you'll have to hike the trail downstream until you find water, keeping in mind that sometimes the water goes back underground in the creek bed but then seeps out again in other places.

Carry extra water just in case, and be prepared for bugs to be annoying and the Bottchers Gap parking lot being very busy since it's Labor Day weekend.
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Apple Tree Camp

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I'm thinking of spending a night this weekend at Apple Tree Camp with my son, then doing the dayhike to Mt. Carmel the next day. Anybody been there lately? Is there water near there, or would we have to go all the way to Turner Creek Camp?
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