Pine Ridge to Barlow and Sykes wide open

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Re: Pine Ridge to Barlow and Sykes wide open

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Glad you enjoyed your trip. Also thanks for the report.
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Pine Ridge to Barlow and Sykes wide open

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I just came off a lovely three-day, 2-night trip. Camped at Barlow Flat and day hiked into Sykes. The trail was essentially wide open, with only a few questionable bits navigating around some of the steep hairpins that had gotten fairly washed out.

The re-routes were very clear, the one warning is that the re-route back onto Pine Ridge at Barlow heading to Sykes is super steep and the tread is not much better than open dirt. Better than cross country, and way better than nothing and is probably no more than 100 yards or so.

Campsites looked pretty good with a couple of exceptions. The upstream Barlow camps were pretty hidden by downed trees and a little cramped with fallen logs.

The trail to the camps at Sykes is a defo foot wetter and can be easy to miss as it goes through brush and around/over fallen redwoods. Saw evidence that some tubs were definitely gone.

Yay for wilderness toilets!!

Over all a great wilderness Hwy and still lightly travelled/trash free. Thanks to VWA and the various volunteer groups and govt agencies that got the trail back open!!
Backwoods toilets are
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