Hiker dies in Julia Pfeiffer State Park

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Hiker dies in Julia Pfeiffer State Park

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I am very curious where this guy died. There are very few known deaths in the Ventana or neighboring state parks while "hiking". I can think:
-the person who took a shortcut from Ventana double cone towards Big Sur Station
-the person who tumbled down Danish creek falls
-a person walked off the Pine Ridge trail while doing a photo shoot
-a person attempting to reach the beach at Julia Pfeiffer state park
-a few cliff jumpers in Arroyo Seco
-an unfortunate fellow in Lost Valley swept down the creek

Where exactly did the cal-fire guy meet his end:

[https://patch.com/california/santacruz/ ... ar-big-sur][/url]

Can anyone think of other cases where a hiker died in the Ventana or the nearby state parks?