Access to Jackson Camp & alternatives?

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Re: Access to Jackson Camp & alternatives?

Post by Concordia »

The road from the Hoist to bottchers gap is in good shape (the locals drive it every day), no problem riding a bike assuming you can get around the gate (at the Hoist). The boy scouts are not friendly to bicyclists along the road past Bottchers to the Boy Scout camp, so you may want to leave your bike at Bottchers gap.
Maybe you can get a permit from the scouts to "park" your bicycle at the boy scout camp, that would be the way to go if you can get their ok. Or maybe rent a bicycle from "Adventures by the sea", then when you get busted by the scouts you can say you are just an unwitting tourist who doesn't know any of the fancy rules of the area, "just look at my rented bike".
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Re: Access to Jackson Camp & alternatives?

Post by Sap_ »

Anyone have thoughts on parking at the hoist and riding a bike into botchers gap? I would love to access Jackson Creek camp as well as the circular pools without the slog of starting off of old coast road.

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Re: Access to Jackson Camp & alternatives?

Post by Betsy M »

You could try the Big Sur Trail starting from Highway One at the Boronda Trail. Nice pool at Rainbow Camp. Or head over to Arroyo Seco, hike in the Marble Peak Trail. Or the Indians area there are nice pools on the river just downstream, or you could hike to Lost Valley. Pay attention to how hot it is, the inland areas are still going to be hot in September. Check for details.
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Re: Access to Jackson Camp & alternatives?

Post by mikesplain »

Palo Colorado Road is closed to vehicles near The Hoist, but you can still walk it. This would add 4 miles of pavement to the journey, but likely result in abundant solitude. The other option would be to claw your way in from Old Coast Road via the Little Sur Trail, but that would be a much more rugged journey as much of the trail is reportedly in very bad shape.
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Access to Jackson Camp & alternatives?

Post by sashaplot »

Hi all,

I'm planning a two-night backpacking trip in the Ventana Wilderness for early September. I was hoping to access Jackson Camp from Bottcher's Gap and then take the use trail upstream to explore the circular pools. But of course Bottcher's Gap is closed!
Is there any way to access this area along the river given the current trail/road closures? If not, can anyone recommend a backcountry campsite with access to swimming/soaking or waterfall?
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