Fire Pics from Steve Benoit

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Re: Fire Pics from Steve Benoit

Post by mtwoman »

Thank you, Steve Benoit, for these pics. The Ventana is my heart & soul home, and I am unable to be there myself to see what the fire did back there. I especially liked seeing the the blooming Yucca and the new growth at the base of the trees...or is that Greasewood?

While here in Ashland, Oregon during the fires, and watching what I could online while they burned, I was convinced that the Ventana would never be/look the same. These pics confirm that for me. Of course it will all recover in its own ways, but it will be several Winters before it's all settled, and with my aging limbs, I imagine I will not make it back to many places to see the 'new'.

So...I look forward to all the pics that everyone (hopefully) will be posting as the Ventana continues to recover.

I am VERY grateful for VWA and all who participate! Thanks!
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Re: Fire Pics from Steve Benoit

Post by CarmelDave »

A big thanks to Steve and whoever else might have contributed to getting these onto the forum. Really helps give a sense of the extent of damage, etc.

Re: Fire Pics from Steve Benoit

Post by Jon »

Very nice. I have been wanting so much to see the conditions. Thanks for posting

Re: Fire Pics from Steve Benoit

Post by s »

I'm working for the USFS as a wilderness Ranger for the LP so I have some access to the backcountry.
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Re: Fire Pics from Steve Benoit

Post by Tom Hopkins »

Those photos were taken by a Forest Service employee.
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Re: Fire Pics from Steve Benoit

Post by darryl »

Nice picts, but how did you get access to this area to take the picts? Isn't the whole forest still closed?
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Fire Pics from Steve Benoit

Post by dknapp1 »

Some close ups of the fire damage on the Lost Valley and Pine Ridge areas

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