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Re: route....?

Posted: Fri Sep 18, 2009 5:42 pm
by sugg
Thanks for that reply. I do some work back in Rancho San Carlos on the mega homes and I was always curious about what kind of "vibe" there was if folks were on "Cal Am" property or edged through White Rock land... When doing some of the Khan loops, it's easy to see all the older, overgrown, and beat up doubletrack taking off up and over the hills towards San Clemente and beyond. I've pushed a little into these routes, but frankly, the legs are barking a bit after Cougar Ridge, and the return trip.... The xasauntoday link is incredible. I always new about that "short" park at the mouth of the valley, but I had no idea that a long term goal was to head out to the Ventana! Out to Mt. Carmel.....? Patience... Thanks for the info - Gus

Re: route....?

Posted: Fri Sep 18, 2009 3:33 pm
by K Vandevere
There is an old Forest Service trail from White Rock into the Wilderness, but the White Rock folks have been trying to prevent the public from using it for years and will likely give you a hard time if they catch you crossing their property.

There are, of course, many trails and roads connecting Garland Park (including the Kahn Ranch) to the White Rock area and beyond and, yes, it would be pretty fun to be able to use them, but all but the Robinson Canyon Rd. run across private property (primarily Rancho San Carlos) and you won't get a warm welcome there either.

Hopefully, a public trail from the mouth of Carmel Valley into the Ventana Wilderness will be opened in the not too distant future. A strip of land stretching from the river to the Wilderness boundary is now in public ownership. See ... onal-park/ for more details.


Posted: Fri Sep 18, 2009 11:20 am
by sugg
Hi, my name is Gus and I have a question - for the folks familiar with the Garland Park Khan Ranch area - is there any connector trails between Pine Creek Camp and Khan Ranch? Osborne Ridge is very close to the Ventana
boundary line and there appears to be many old jeep roads - maybe trails - between these two areas. There are a lot of different pieces of land in this area San Clemente Dam, Rancho San Carlos Preserve, White Rock area..... I enjoy trail running in Garland and thought some type of joiner route between the two (Khan and Ventana) would be pretty fun. Thanks, Gus

I'm going to jog a relatively small loop out of Los Padres Dam tomorrow 9/19/09 and barring disaster, I hope to bring back some reference photos of various trails.....