How to Post Trail Conditions Reports

Check on current trail conditions or take the time to tell us how the walking went on your last trip!
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How to Post Trail Conditions Reports

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Submitting a trail report from your recent hike into the Ventana or Silver Peak Wilderness environs is both simple and helpful - just select the area in which you hiked (Ventana Wilderness, Silver Peak Wilderness, or State Parks), click on the name of the trail you hiked, and click "New Report."

Include specific conditions or problems encountered. For the longer trails some folks like to segment the specific conditions part of their reports, reporting conditions in a serial fashion between landmarks such as camps or junctions. This is fine so long as the entire report is specific to a particular named trail. If your trip covered more than one trail please fill out the form and submit the information specific to each trail.

Registered users of the forum who are logged in may also upload pictures, or link to photos that you have uploaded to your website or to a photo sharing service like Flickr or Picasa. Unregistered guests may submit trail reports, but their reports will have to be approved by a moderator before they are published to the website.

Click the link below to here to submit a report now!