South Fork Trail

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Re: South Fork Trail

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If you would like to continue to support the Ventana Wilderness Alliance with projects like this. Consider making a donation to the Monterey County Gives Year End Fund Appeal. They are trying to raise $250K to support their ongoing projects. ... -alliance/

Thank You for your support.
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Re: South Fork Trail

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On behalf of all the volunteers who worked on this trail, you're welcome! This was a group effort, with many volunteers coming on multiple trips, but plenty of them coming for only one trip. It really does help, even if your're just lopping ceanothus, because that is what it takes to get the trail cleared. In addition there were signs that someone had come through clipping brush in some of the worst sections. This also contributes to the total effort - it all adds up. So I'll echo your thanks to all the volunteers.

Just to point out - this trail was completely impassable after 2008, and we were able to hire a paid crew to work down from Strawberry Camp to South Fork Camp. At the same time, VWA volunteers worked up from Rainbow Camp. Then we had the Soberanes Fire and the trail became difficult again. We cleared it again. And this last time, it was a combination of fallen trees and overgrown brush that had blocked the trail at enough points that it just became very difficult to get through. So we had to carry in crosscut saws to clear the trees, and then clear all the brush one more time.

I hope hikers will start using the trail. And please consider volunteering for the trail crew. Even if you only have one, two, or three weekends a year, that is enough to make a big difference.

Future plans include getting back to the Lost Valley Trail, the Black Cone Trail, and the Marble Peak Trail. Plus we want to keep up with the Bear Basin and Carmel River Trails. We would love your help!
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South Fork Trail

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Betsy M. wrote in the Trail Reports that the full length of the South Fork Trail is now clear. I just wanted to express my gratitude to everyone who did the hard work. This is great news, thanks!
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