Old Coast Rd - Little Sur Trail Trailhead

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Re: Old Coast Rd - Little Sur Trail Trailhead

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Myself and 4 others made it to Pico Public Camp this weekend. We persevered along the trail, crossed the granite road and continued until well past the Granite Property line (which I believe is marked by a gate made of galvanized pipe), then scrambled up to then along the Granite road until we could go crosscountry to the camp. I would recommend using GPS to navigate to the camp (and maybe also for the trail) when following this route. [JG- most apps do not include trail to camp, Jan was using GPX from Big Sur Trailmap.] The camp gets so little use that there isn't even a decent use-trail from the granite road to the camp. The slideout about 1/2 mile from the trailhead gave me a bit of queasiness with the backpack on but no-one else seemed to even notice the danger of falling 30 ft to the river below

The Little Sur trail was quite brushy, we persevered on that until a minor ravine choked with thistles which had a small copse of redwood about 100 ft above the trail. At this point we bushwacked up to the granite road. The bushwack was marked by a red flag about 10ft above the "trail" on a bay tree. The shortcut to the road is not difficult but it is not a trail, the trail deadends in a wall of brush shortly after the bushwack opportunity.

As a side note, along the Mt Manuel trail we encountered a guy going up with a backpack. He said he was heading to double cone peak and camping at Tin House Camp along the way ! I felt compelled to give him some unwanted advise. I told him no one has camped a that camp in 50 years. He said "oh, so the trail is a bit overgrown". I said yeah... good luck.
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Old Coast Rd - Little Sur Trail Trailhead

Post by jack_glendening »

Not being able to hike, decided to drive down Old Coast Road since Monterey County has recently officially opened it again after closure due to winter rains. Road was in excellent shape, the best I've ever seen, suitable even for relatively low clearance vehicles. Several storm drains appear to be new.

I found gate at entrance to Little Sur Trail without any locking or nailing shut as has sometimes occurred in past. But did find a sign new to me, though appears to have been there awhile based on weathering. Wording ''No Trail Access to Forest Land" I'd not seen on any previous sign there (of the many signs posted along the start of the trail). Of course is officially untrue since the official trail does end up in USFS forest after crossing private property, but sadly is now effectively true since the Little Sur Trail becomes impassible well before reaching Pico Blanco campsite area
Big Sur Trailmap: https://bigsurtrailmap.net
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