1954 Devil's Fire

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Re: 1954 Devil's Fire

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There is a fine article on Comings Cabin in DCQ Fall Equinox 2001 ( https://www.ventanawild.org/news/fe01/comings.html ) that gives a history of the area, its various fires, and the jeep road itself.
Thanks for the picture. Fire damage is never pretty, but it usually regrows and recuperates given time.

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1954 Devil's Fire

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I found this old photo of the 1954 Devil’s Fire at the old adobe Carmel Hill Fire Station when we were moving to the new station. The back of the photo mentions the jeep road on Devil’s Peak. Jack English told me that you could drive to Comings Cabin and to Devils Peak.
Devils Peak 1954
Devils Peak 1954
Back of photo
Back of photo
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