The Window via Jackson Creek

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Re: The Window via Jackson Creek

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Congrats, it is a short list. Your description is exactly how I remember it...6 years after the basin fire, we had to turn back in 2016, a few months before the Soberanes fire came through as someone in our party came down sick. ... w6-mO_BQs-
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The Window via Jackson Creek

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trail rating: DIFFICULT

I camped at Fox Camp and started up Jackson Creek at 6:45am. The whole route is difficult, with brush and countless deadfall, and is best described in sections:

Little Sur to Happy Fork: This section is by far the easiest. There is sometimes remnants of a trail, but that is mostly all eroded. By following the path of least resistance, I was moving pretty quickly overland with only a few places where I had to use the creek. I saw one flag, and a few old cairns, but the route is pretty self evident. It started to get brushy as I approached Happy Fork. This section is passable, but I think the whole route requires good route finding skills and Big Sur Trailmap GPS if you want to keep moving.

Happy Fork to Last Water This section is difficult. There is copious deadfall, and virtually no obvious "trail". most of the path lies on steep slopes with oak deadfall. No cairns or flagging, and much slower travel than previous section. I did not check the "Last water" to see if it was running.

Last Water to Saddle This section is passable. It's the "easiest" section in terms of brush; mostly steep oak slopes. there are several use paths to follow, but the direction is pretty evident. Just before the saddle, the heavy brush returns, and instead of following the GPS route through this, i went North steeply bypassing the brush and connecting with the saddle.

Saddle to The Window This section is very difficult. I made it off the saddle and the whole valley is completely overgrown. I tried following the GPS route, and was hit with a solid wall of bush. I tried going straight up the gully, and it was basically impassable. I retreated and went above and to the right of the gully and took advantage of a series of small talus fields to make my way, slowly, to the junction with the Kandlbinder route. The way up to the Window is brutal. Its a full on bushwhack uphill. It was very nice to see cairns along the way, telling me this was once maybe easier to travel in. I had to push through but I finally made it.

I was the first person to sign into the register since February of '21. Brush obscures the views but it was still awesome. I couldn't even imagine going through what I just did with a full backpack. The way down was easier, as I used the North side of the gully this time, taking advantage of bare slopes, and avoiding the worst of the bush.

The journey took a bit under ten hours from Fox Camp, and back. Totally worth it, though it was brutal and exhausting, particularly from the saddle to the Window.

[ Ed: background info: ... route.html ]
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