Nacimiento-Fergusson Road - east side

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Nacimiento-Fergusson Road - east side

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I went out to Nacimiento-Fergusson Road Friday, with much water around from recent rains. (Both Del Venturi Road fords are gated.)

On Ft Hunter-Liggett, I found a barrier 1 mile beyond Vasquez Road saying "Fire Area - Keep Out"! Unsure of the imperative, I checked with H-L security - entrance is not actually forbidden but they were worried about cars getting stuck in mud, which apparently has happened requiring towtrucks from SLO.

In the event, now some days after the actual rain, I found the road driveable with some moist dirt on the road but no significant problems. Two groups were camping at Nacimiento Campground (one had been planning to go to Prewitt Ridge Campground!).

Nacimiento River was of course flowing heavily. Hiking up N-F Road beyond the campground, I found many clogged drains - with water then flowing down beside the pavement, or occasionally across. I'd estimate a third of the drains were blocked. The most interesting case was at a very sharp bend (36.01015,-121.43494) where 3 weeks ago I found heavy equipment working to restore the slope below the road. A large side stream flows in there, and for whatever reason I saw no drain in the rebuilt slope (no equipment was currently there) - so the inflowing stream is running down along the road to the next drain 1/8 mile down, creating a significant waterfall there with consequent erosion. One wonders why no drain had been installed, and the long-term viability of this situation.

Also of interest, on returning I found the chain securing the USFS gate across the road at Nacimiento Campground had been cut! I know it had not been cut when I started out.

Waterfall from stream 1/8 mile above
Waterfall from stream 1/8 mile above
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