Annual Gathering

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Re: Annual Gathering

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Great to finally meet you, thanks for coming to gathering & glad you enjoyed it. A little bird told me that the Trail Crew "presentation" will show up on our YouTube channel soon. Happy trails!
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Re: Annual Gathering

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Hi Hillary. Thanks for the feedback. We're glad you had a great time. There are lots of photos from the Gathering at our Meetup site. If you haven't done so already, please join the Meetup group to be aware of future VWA events. ... 451079862/
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Annual Gathering

Post by Hillary »

A huge thanks to all the folks who pulled together the VWA Annual Gathering. It was my first time attending and it was great to meet so many of you who I "know online." I didn't snap any pictures, but if you did I'd love to see them! ...particularly those of whose "other talents" we got to enjoy.

Kudos to all and congrats on a job well done (and a big check from REI!)!!!

Happy trails.

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