Water at Dutra Camp? Lion Camp?

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paul Danielson

Re: Water at Dutra Camp? Lion Camp?

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I answered my own question on the trip I took, after making the post. There IS water at Dutra. The piped spring is flowing into the trough after a brief spell of not. Turkey Springs is perennial as is San Caroforo. Lottie Portrero has a usable flow at the old "lost" camp downslope from the "car camp". Nothing between LP up the SC Road to Three Peaks or along the Three Peaks Trail, that I am aware of. Might be some flow down at Three Peaks Camp itself.
Also a cattle spring/tank/trough on the Bald Top ridge, just s-w of where the Baldwin Ranch Road first intersects it.
paul danielson

Water at Dutra Camp? Lion Camp?

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Am planning a three-day backpack this week (Wed - Friday). Prefer to pass through these two camps but need to know if they have water. Anyone been there in recent weeks?

Sincerely, Paul Danielson
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