cwalkalamThe VWA makes every attempt to formally comment on all NEPA and CEQA issues which have the potential to adversely impact the natural or cultural resources of the northern Santa Lucias. NEPA and CEQA are similar laws with a common purpose - each initiates a process that examines and evaluates the potential environmental consequences of proposed actions before those actions are undertaken.

The National Environmental Policy Act (1969) requires federal agencies to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), which assesses the potential environmental impacts of projects the government proposes to undertake, fund or approve.

The California Environmental Quality Act (1970) requires State and local public agencies to consider and assess the environmental consequences of projects that they undertake, fund or permit. In California, an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is the document that analyzes whether a project may have impacts on the environment.

The Ventana Wilderness Alliance has provided comments on a number of issues which have potential impacts on natural and cultural resources in the northern Santa Lucias. Please contact the VWA at for more information.

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