cattle wagon caveThe VWA supports the use of livestock grazing as a closely monitored means for achieving specific habitat conservation and biodiversity objectives, when not in conflict with other resources.

However, historic public land grazing practices were designed primarily to provide livestock operations with subsidized forage. Introducing livestock to a landscape regardless of conditions and allowing them to wander the range largely untended is often not in the best interest of the land, the flora and fauna that call it home, nor the American public that own it.

Ideally, grazing on public lands would be contingent on real-time conditions and employed only as a management tool supported by the best available science. Stringent oversight and immediate removal provisions would exist to improve and protect all resources.

Until such an ideal arrangement emerges, the VWA will continue to monitor and comment on grazing activities on the Monterey Ranger District. Please contact the VWA at for more information.

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