Mission & Purpose

Mission Statement

The mission of the Ventana Wilderness Alliance is to protect, preserve, and restore the wilderness qualities and biodiversity of the public lands within California's northern Santa Lucia Mountains and Big Sur coast.

                                                                                                          Toward this end the Ventana Wilderness Alliance will: 

mission and purpose

  • Advocate for expanded Wilderness and Wild and Scenic River designations to ensure that roadless lands and free-flowing streams remain as such
  • Monitor activities and proposals that affect the public lands of the northern Santa Lucia Mountains and Big Sur coast and take action as necessary to preserve wilderness qualities and biodiversity
  • Encourage conservation vigilance among our members, neighbors and relations
  • Develop, organize and implement habitat restoration and stewardship projects
  • Ensure public access by engaging volunteer and professional crews to maintain and restore public trails
  • Preserve public access by securing and defending prescriptive trail easements
  • Build cooperative and effective relationships with similarly concerned public and private agencies and organizations
  • Maintain cultural preservation programs through education, advocacy, and training
  • Encourage and support conservation and natural science research and education in the region
  • Educate, inspire and motivate future generations of central California’s wilderness advocates and stewards