Trail Crew

Looking for Big Sur backcountry adventures? Join the VWA Trail Crew!

  • Why? The People - Meet like-minded people who are interested in making the Big Sur-area trails easier to travel.
  • Why? The Place - The Ventana Wilderness is an unparalleled area of beauty and wonder with amazing views of both the Big Sur Coast and interior valleys - and incredible views of the sky at night.
  • Why? The Unique Experience - VWA trail crews perform trail work using traditional hand tools such as crosscut saws, loppers, handsaws, Pulaskis and McLeods.
  • Why? The Food! The first night of each trip usually features a bountiful potluck that brings together good people, good times, and GREAT food!

Come join us and see what all the fuss is about!

Join the VWA Meetup group to learn more about VWA Trail Crew outings and other special events.