VWA Trail Crew
San Antonio Trail Project

Date: Dec. 4-5, 2004, and Jan. 22-23, 2005
Trail: San Antonio Trail
Volunteers: 11
Volunteer Hours: 183

During the deep, dark, cold months of winter 2004/2005, 11 hearty members of the VWA Trail Crew spent two weekends in the shadow of Cone Peak, working hard toward reclaiming the San Antonio Trail between Cone Peak Road and wonderful Fresno Camp. The fire of 1999 scorched the entire length of this section of the trail, resulting in rampant brush regrowth and numerous deadfall oak trees that completely blocked the way. But with a strong will and some tools, the dedicated crew reopened the route all the way to the camp, keeping one more option open for those who love to spend time in the Ventana backcountry.

sa_dave1.jpg Crew Leader Dave all cheery and bright.
John takes back some tread on the way to Fresno Camp.
Jim shows the camera how it's done.
sa_robert.jpg Robert's ready for anything.
Stephen puts the McLeod to work clearing a slide.
willsaw.jpg Will pulls the gloves on.
willdone.jpg Now that's done.
John and Art enjoy hot coffee on a cold winter morning.
VWA Trail Crew members, with some US Forest Service support,
ready to head out to the job site.
Back Row: John, Jim, Leader Dave, Dario (FS), John, and Art.
Front Row: Pete (FS), Sandy, Sara Beth, Stephen and Robert.