Notes on This Electronic Edition


Deviations from the Original Format

Although in adapting the text of the 1913 first edition of California Coast Trails for web publication we have made every effort to retain the layout and flow of the original, it has been necessary in several respects to deviate from the original format.

Most importantly, the fact that we have condensed the chapters into single web documents (rather than create a separate document for each page) means that the pagination in the original text is no longer valid. Therefore all reference to page numbers in the contents, list of illustrations, and on the chapter pages themselves has been removed. Also, the page headings, reflecting the main chapter topics listed at the head of each chapter, have not been included.

Beacuse the original pagination has been eliminated, we have decided not to include the original Index, as it would be of little use in this electronic edition.

Finally, there have been a few other minor format changes; for example, the copyright statement, which in the original was on a separate page following the title page, has been appended to the title page. Also, the Riverside Press imprint, which in the original occupied a separate page following the Index, has not been included.

Placement of Photographs

Photographs in the original were printed on separate pages of photo-stock paper with blank reverse sides. In this electronic edition we have inserted the photographs adjacent to the paragraph most closely relating to the photograph's subject matter, which in the original is usually (but not always) found on the text page facing the photograph.


We have attempted to make this document as printer-friendly as possible by employing print-specific style rules. These rules should prevent the breaking of images between pages, prevent printing of background colors, hide link colors and underlining, and hide navigation links.


We have attempted to include useful metacontent (extra content describing or annotating the main content) to aid understanding of the text. Metacontent for this edition includes web documents supplying bibliographic data, information about the author, and a graphic map showing the author's route. Also included are metacontent elements embedded in the page code. These include language identification code for words or sentences in foreign laguages, and expandable title elements containing source information for block and inline quotes, accessible in most browsers by hovering the mouse over the quote text.


All documents in this series conform to the following web standards:

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The text, photographs and other content original to the first edition of California Coast Trails are in the public domain. However this electronic edition, including markup and code, layout and design, original graphics, etc. are copyright © 2005 by the Ventana Wilderness Alliance, which reserves all rights to its publication and dissemination.