Adventure Pass No Longer Required
on Monterey Ranger District

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Adventure Pass No Longer Required on Monterey Ranger District

The entire Monterey Ranger District in Los Padres National Forest National Forest is one of the free areas. The change is effective May 28, 2004.

"The Monterey Ranger District was selected as a free area to eliminate visitor confusion, particularly along the Big Sur Coast," said Forest Supervisor Gene Blankenbaker. "The Highway 1 corridor along the Big Sur Coast includes a lot of private property and state parkland interspersed with National Forest land. This has always been confusing for visitors. Also many of the visitors to the Monterey District are from the San Francisco Bay area, or from out-of-state, and they are not aware of the Adventure Pass program."

Blankenbaker emphasized that fees charged in campgrounds and concessionaire-operated day use sites on the Monterey District will remain in effect. Also, the Adventure Pass is still required for recreating in other areas of Los Padres National Forest. The King City office of the Forest Service will continue to sell Adventure Passes as a service to those who wish to recreate in national forest areas to the south.

In addition to the Monterey Ranger District, the following areas in southern California will no longer require an Adventure Pass:

  • Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument on the San Bernardino NF
  • Palomar Mountain on the Cleveland NF
  • The Area south of Interstate 8 to the border with Mexico on the Cleveland NF

In addition to the new free areas, the Forest Service will continue to offer a free day every month. An Adventure Pass is not required on the last Saturday of the month or on National Public Lands Day which in 2004 occurs on Saturday, September 18.

The Forest Service has a national plan for improving the recreation fee program and ensuring greater consistent from area to area. One of the program elements is the establishment of free areas. Another change to the recreation fee program is the acceptance of Golden Passports (Golden Age, Golden Access, Golden Eagle) in lieu of the Adventure Pass in southern California national forests.

For more information about the Adventure Pass program visit, or "Passes and Permits" section of the Los Padres website.